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Piano Lessons

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, the piano is an instrument of elegance and all round beauty. With variations from the standard piano such as the grand piano and keyboard, there is something to meet the different tastes of piano players across the globe.

Never really thought of yourself as piano player? Neither did I until I did a local search for some piano lessons Birmingham and found a guy near to me who I decided to give a go and have a few lessons with.

In this new year why not try your hand at a new hobby and give the piano a go!

piano lessons birmingham

I literally have fallen in love with this beautiful instrument and have recently purchased one for my own home, so that I further my knowledge and ability in my own time as well as while at lessons.


Musical Madness

Don’t you just love music. It’s all around us is so many forms played over the radio, television, at a restaurant. Everywhere you go there’s music, and it’s incredible. There are some amazing artists across so many different genre’s that relate to everyone in some way, and just shows the diversification in what humans like.

piano lessons birmingham

Personally I don’t go for the mainstream pop or r&b scene, and am a more conserved piano player myself. It started out when I saw an a local advert for piano lessons Birmingham and found a tutor local to me who offered lessons.

Never really considered myself as a piano player, or any instrument for that matter while I was at school but afterwards gained a real appreciation for this beautiful form of music. I would recommend to anyone really having a shot at learning to play the piano, it’s great fun!


Learning to Play the Piano

Learning to play a musical instrument is a fantastic art and skill to have. Music is all around our cultures everyday and there are so many different genres to meet peoples vast variation of listening. One of the main instruments people decide to take up is learning to play the piano. It’s something you can really gain a strong appreciation for after playing, and I think if you haven’t considered giving it a go you really should.

A few years back I search around for piano lessons Birmingham to find tuition local to me and came across an instructor who was in my area coincidently. Having never played a piano or keyboard before, I started out just having a one hour lesson per week and really started to pick things up quickly. After upping my lessons to twice a week, I saved up and bought myself a piano so that I could play whenever I wanted.

I have now been playing for just over three years and have recently done some paid work at a high-end restaurant, playing a weekly set on a saturday night. The piano really is an instrument that allows you to express yourself and make some quite beautiful music. For more information about learning the piano see here.