I Need To Buy One Now

I have no idea what made me think of buying this but I have and now I won’t stop until I find one and have it in my home. At this point I know a lot of you will be interested in finding out what it is I wanted and why I wanted it in my home. If this is the case then you will have a great time reading the rest of this post. If not, you may still continue to read.

hot tub

I like to shop a lot. I buy things that sometimes I never touch and they can also be very useless. I have a habit of buying very expensive things for the house and recently I came across a hot tub. When I saw the hot tub I knew I wanted it! For some reason I had the urge to buy one. Then I started to think about the benefits and wanted one even more! I searched around to try and find some hot tubs for sale in a hope to get lucky butI can’t find a good one. Any suggestions?

Buying My Jewellery

I was searching for jewellery UK online to try and find some new and interesting jewellery for myself. I was after something different, not the boring traditional jewellery you can find at your local jewellers. I was after more fashionable jewellery and  less common ones.

gold jewellery

I came across a few interesting websites that would provide me with such jewellery. The best thing about these sites and online shopping is that I don’t have to leave my home and I can order jewellery directly to my house. Another great thing about shopping online is that there is a huge variety to chose from unlike visiting a local jeweller. I did buy a lot of jewellery online. Some of my most favourite purchases are a result of online shopping.  One of my favourite purchases is a diamond bracelet. The design of the bracelet is very unique and it looks simply amazing, the bracelet is white gold and very fashionable. By far my best piece of jewellery. The best site I found to look for jewellery is designcentrejewellery.com.

Traditional Gold Jewellery

I was looking to buy gold jewellery for myself because I really love gold jewellery. You may be wondering why I love gold jewellery so much, and that is because I just really like the colour of gold jewellery and how attractive it is.

gold jewellery

I have been wearing gold jewellery for well over 20 years and I don’t really like to wear any other type of jewellery. I also love the style of gold jewellery too. Gold jewellery has a very traditional look to it that I find very elegant and attractive. I have a lot of jewellery at home and I switch between each piece on a regular basis however, I felt like I needed a new piece of jewellery to my collection. I went to the local goldsmiths and had a look at their traditional gold jewellery. I prefer the traditional jewellery more because it is very simple and brings back memories of a younger me. I found this very nice bracelet, I liked it so much that I bought it straight away.

A Better Alternative

I was after some promotional pens for my company. The reason why I wanted to purchase a set of promotional pens was because I thought it was a great idea because it is a practical way to promote your business. I think it is better promoting your business through promotional pens because pens are a very practical item and they are very good because pens are always a handy item you will need.

promotional pen

When it comes to the need of a pen you will always be reminded about the company name and the company details which makes a much better marketing solution than just a business card. Another reason why I think it is better is because business cards don’t tend to get looked at and are often thrown out or lost over time whereas there is always a need for a pen. Having this in mind I thought about finding a suitable company to do the printing. I was recommended by friend to go to Dr Print. I had a look at his website and I am very interested in buying from him.

Looking To Get in Shape?

All of us dream of having an aesthetic and sleek body, but not many of us achieve it. Why’s this? Well there’s a whole host of factors in life that mean we can’t spend the majority of our time eating a perfect diet and going to the gym every day.

But there is some extent of control you have over this, and getting in shape for the summer is a high priority on many people’s wish list’s. I recently enrolled with a personal trainer in Birmingham as I had decided enough was enough, and that it was time to cut the McDonald’s and other fast food’s I end up eating after work on a regular basis, and get to the gym to lose those excess pounds I had ended up putting on.

Since starting I’ve lost a ton of weight, and it’s all down to the fantastic help I have had from the trainers down at the UniqueU PFC studio, who have helped me out so much not only with my training but with my diet too. I don’t think I will ever end up going to back those old ways and I really feel the difference so far, and dare I say even look forward to going to the gym!

What’s Rainwater Harvesting

Have you heard of rainwater harvesting before? If you have or haven’t, do you know how you can benefit from harvesting rainwater? What I will be writing about in this post is a little about what rainwater harvesting is and more about how you can benefit from harvesting rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is a cheap and efficient way to supply yourself with fresh clean water.

Rainwater harvesting is simple. It’s just collecting run off rain water which is then lead through a drainage pipe into a filtering system and then stored in water tank. This process is better explained by this diagram below.




Rainwater harvesting is great for saving a large amount of money on water bills. The only major cost of this system is the installation, after that it’s pretty much free, after all, rain is free it is naturally clean through evaporation and isn’t waste water that had been through a treatment plant and then pumped into our home through our piping. The water collected from this system is ideal for irrigation, watering your garden, water for pets, washing your car and even drinking.

My Diamond Ring

I was looking for diamonds rings. I am very fussy person who like only the best looking items. I like whatever I buy, usually clothes to be unique and very fashionable. So I was looking around for a diamond ring for quite some time because I wasn’t happy with how common a lot of the jewellers where in my areas. I went to visit Birmingham City Centre for the best possible chance to find that on perfect ring for myself, as I was going to be spending a few thousand of pounds on one item. while I was in the city centre I pooped into a few jewellers and not many of them had the sort of design I had in mind. I asked a few of the jewellers on where they might think I can purchase the type of ring I was after and they told me to go and visit the Jewellery Quarter

diamond rings jewellery quarter

So I went to look for diamonds rings Jewellery Quarter and I must say this place was wonderful, it had everything I expected it to have and more. There were such a variety of diamond rings and even platinum wedding rings.

Thinking about stretching?

Have you ever thought about stretching your ears? Would you like to stretch your ears?if these questions apply to you that is great! If they don’t you can always continue reading just incase I cover something that may interest you.

I have had my ears stretched to 8mm so it’s a fair size stretch. The process of stretching is very long and can be longer or shorter even, depending on how quickly your body heals. My body heals at I guess an average speed. If you are thinking about stretching your ears theres a few things you should know such as:

  • You will need an ear stretching kit (surgical steel tapers are the best)
  • Some oil free lubricant
  • a set of ear plugs
  • anti bacterial wash
  • and a whole lot of patience

Ear stretching requires you to gradually increase the size of your lobe with a taper slightly bigger than the ear lobe, your ear is then under stress it will cause tiny tears in your lobe and it will swell but its shouldn’t bleed. Give it some time and then it will heal to that size then you can stretch again.

Language Struggle

Are you having a rough time trying to learn a new language? Have you tried many techniques and they all have seemed to fail you? Or have fallen into a trap of spending ridiculous amount of money on language videos proving to help you learn the easier way? If this is the case then I am here to help guide you through this. Learning a new language will always be difficult there is no easy way to it, that is the bottom line. How fast you pick up and learn the language fluently is all based on yourself and your capability of adapting and memorising different phrases and techniques.

Now I am not blaming this all on you if you are struggling to learn a new language but it is mainly down to you and your capability. You need to identify your own learning style. A way in which you can learn something quicker, wether its practical work or taking notes. Finding your very own learning style is crucial for you to learn anything.

Making The Big Move

I have been engaged with my partner for just over 2 years. We have been together for a very long time, 5 years to be exact and I can confidently say I have found the right man. We have spent so long with each other that we both decided the time has come to make the big move and get married.

diamond rings jewellery quarterwedding rings jewellery quarter

I am writing this blog just to let anyone know that marriage isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. You just have to make sure you have found the right partner. We have been married for 3 years now and I must say we are loving life. I still look back at my engagement ring. It was so beautiful, it always brings back sweet memories. My partner was also telling me his story about when he was searching for weddings rings in Birmingham but he couldn’t find one good enough for me. His stories always make me smile. Now every time I wake up, I can see my wedding ring around my finger and smile, remembering all those sweet memories.



Plumbing & Heating

Are you in need of some plumbing work or interested in improving your heating. If so you should check out www.chplumbing-heatingservices.co.uk. They offer wide range heating and plumbing service at a great value.

Their style ranges from retro and contemporary, so you can match that perfect style you may have n your home. Please visit their website for a free quote. Other services include an emergency plumber for the times where could have a leak, boilers and repair service, underfloor heating, power flush and bathrooms.

Learning To Drive

Im a student studying media A levels at 6th form in Solihull. I use to walk to 6th form everyday which usually took me around 28 minutes, I didn’t exactly mind walking too much. I noticed more and my friends passing their driving test and driving to 6th form.

Cartoon Car

So I decided I should start my lessons, but first I needed to find an instructor based in Birmingham. I eventually found an instructor who was great at explaining and teaching me the tips and tricks on how to drive, he was very pleasant and reliable. I passed my driving within 2 months and now I drive wherever I go.

Learning Languages Are Easy

If anyone has ever told you before that learning a language is really hard, don’t listen to them. I learnt a new language within months!

A bit about myself, i’m a young traveler. I’ve been to many places around the world but my favourite destination is Spain. I eventually want to move out to Spain so I decided to learn Spanish. Learning spanish was so fun and I never thought it could be so easy. To check to see where you can learn a new language please visit this site to see what languages you can learn in your area www.thelanguagemachine.co.uk/language-areas/

My big day!

My big day is coming near I’m so excited! I’m getting shivers just thinking about it. What is my big day? You might ask. Well, it’s my wedding. I’ve been engaged with my partner for so long and he got me a lovely engagement ring but we’ve finally decided it’s the right time to get married. I’ve been shopping around a lot trying to get everything I need. I’ve bought a lovely wedding dress and shoes.

Gold wedding ring

I’m so excited I cannot wait to see what my wedding ring looks like I hope it is gold, because I love gold jewellery. Wish me luck

Need a Print?

Are you in need of a professional print service that is fast and reliable? If so why not have a look at Big in Ink.  Big in Ink are the number one printers in Birmingham and offer a wide range of coloured prints.  They offer leaflet, posters, folders, labels, business printing, digital printing and many more services including graphic design.


I own a decent size business and was in need of some business card prints. I was told by a friend to head over to Big in Ink and that they are great at what they do so I did. Now I got to them for every professional print I need doing and I recommend them to anyone.

In need of piping?

Hey my names Marc and I had a few issues with my drainage pipe linked to my sink. At first I didn’t know what the problem was, all I knew was the water in my sink was not going down properly and there was water puddles around my counter. So I walked into my back garden my drainage pipe leads and I noticed very little water leaving the pipe. I wasn’t sure how big of a problem this was so I called a plumber to help me fix this problem.

After a detailed look he came to a conclusion that the problem was the drainage pipe was damaged water was leaking out. He told me to replace my drainage pipe and I may need a twin wall pipe. I ordered and replaced my piping thanks to his help and now everything is fine.

Why buy underfloor heating?

So the question is, why buy underfloor heating? you might be thinking I don’t need underfloor heating I have radiators and they are doing a fine job of keeping my house warm or, you might also think I’d rather not bother its going to be too expensive. Fair enough, but underfloor heating is a revolutionary new way to heat up your entire room as well as your floors for complete comfort. The underfloor heating radiates from the ground to just over head height and have many other benefits including; 15-30% saving on heating bills, allows you have more space and its eco friendly too

Take a break

If you care about your health and your body you probably already know your body needs rest, simply laying there can get boring or you may have kids who drive you up the wall why not relax in a luxurious hot tub? Hot tubs are great way to free your mind and skin. hot tubs are medically proven to increase relaxation and relieve stress. You may be like, well yeah thats all good but aren’t they usually expensive? Yes, they can be expensive but If you look around you can find great deals on hot tubs. I live in Birmingham so I have to look near the Sutton Coldfield area.

How Rainwater Harvesting Halved My Water Bill

We are all always looking to cut down our annual and monthly bills on things such as gas, heating, electricity and water – to create a larger amount of expendable income I decided to move to a rainwater harvesting system in my home. By using this system it collects falling rain into storage tanks that can hold thousands of litres of water. This can then be reused in both the garden and home if treated in the correct manor for drinking.

rainwater harvesting


The system comprises of a guttering that collects falling rainwater into two separate water tanks. In one tank the water is left untreated and is reused in gardening and agricultural purposes. The good thing about using rainwater as appose to a hosepipe, is that there are far more natural minerals and nutrients in this level of water.

The other tank comprises of a filter and UV light in the roof to kill off any bacteria. The contents of this tank can then be reused within my home for uses such as drinking and washing. Over the last two years I have halved my total annual water bill, so it was a fantastic investment.

Keep It Underneath

There’s nothing better than keeping warm when it’s winter time, or coming into a cosy home that has been well warmed up by a nice heating system. But conventional central heating is expensive to run and maintain, especially when your boiler breaks down, or a radiator starts leaking, the problems are endless.

These are thing of the past and I now use a fantastic underfloor heating system throughout my home. The removal of all the radiators has allowed me to have a lot more creative freedom with the interior design of my home.

underfloor heating


The underfloor system is also a lot cheaper to run than a central heating, with no mechanical parts and only pipework, there isn’t really anything that can go wrong apart from the occasional need for bleeding if the system isn’t quite functional. But a high quality underfloor system shouldn’t need revisiting for a long time once installed. Whereas boilers and radiators are constantly having issues and are expensive to repair and replace.

Mothers Day Gifts

The big day is fast approaching and thinking about what gift to treat your wonderful mother to this coming mothers day. A lot of people leave it late and end up at the petrol station on the Sunday getting whatever bunch of flowers they can find and maybe even a bouquet of flowers if they’re pushing the boat out.

But maybe you want to put a bit of extra effort in this year and really push the boat out, but are struggling for ideas on what to get. Have you thought about jewellery as a gift this year? There’s some fantastic options available from jewellers around the country, providing a wide selection of gifts that would put a nice big smile on your mum’s face this year!

Jewellers in West Midlands



Showcase Your Products

When you want to show off your product range to a potential client or customer, you need to really wow them and leave a long lasting impression that creates a desire towards the products or services that you offer. Focusing heavily on USP’s and having a cutting edge brochure that makes you stand out from the competition is the way to get out there and grab the business.

printers in birmingham


But where do you go for your brochure though? There’s plenty of options but we recently spoke to a printers in Birmingham who provide a wide range of solutions for both small businesses and commercial applications producing leaflets, brochures and business cards.

Dealing With Mice

Having a mouse problem in your home is one of the worst things you can go through, and it can prove to be a lot more problematic removing them not only in the short-term, but also permanently stopping them from returning is arguably more important.

Mice, rats and other rodents/pests can cause some serious damage to you and your home so its important to deal with them effectively and efficiently – normally by the means of a professional pest controller, as trying to deal with these problems yourself normally doesn’t completely remove them for good.

pest control birmingham


I recently had a mice problem and looked online for pest control Birmingham to find someone who could come in immediately and effectively deal with the mice. I found E-Pest control who were absolutely fantastic from start to finish, doing a perfect job and even installed some super preventative measures to stop the mice from returning in future.

Check out E-Pest Control’s website here: http://e-pestcontrol.co.uk

Make Your Wrist Stand Out

A watch is a signal of you and what you stand for. A classy watch will stand out from the rest and make any outfit and look complete with a stunning timepiece that will be turning heads and have people asking questions.

There’s a huge range when it comes to watches, anything from cheap or sport watches right through to some designer watches and even elite swiss brand watches that cost in excess of thousands of pounds. It’s completely up to your preference and there’s watches for different occasions and times – for instance you’re not going to wear a swiss watch to the gym and on the opposite side of things you’re probably not going to wear a sports watch to a big meal.

designer watches


Here at Carla we loves watches and I myself have an extensive range of swiss watches from leading brands such as Richard Mille, Panerai and Audemars Piguet. A lot of us can’t afford these leading swiss brands, but their designer counterparts at a more reasonable price from brands Gucci, Raymond Weil and Rado have some fantastic collections.

We visited a shop called Design Centre in the Birmingham jewellery quarter who are a leading provider of watches for men and women from a range of leading brands and designers. Their aim is to compete on price with online retailers while providing the highest quality in store service.

Having Drainage Problems?

Are you having drainage problems due to all of the floods recently? Is the flood water creating excess surface water on your garden and ruining your home and your life? If so then what you need is a land drainage pipe. A land drainage pipe can be the answer to all of your problems and can restore your house and garden back to its glory. The excess surface water can be drained away discretely under the surface of the land to a suitable collection point for it to be naturally taken care of out of the way from harm to your garden and home. By choosing to install land drainage pipes you can sit back in peace whilst the next heavy rain fall hits knowing that flooding will not ruin your life this time. Knowing you’ve made such a wise domestic decision can be a massive relief and can put your mind at ease and stop those sleepless nights of fear you previously suffered from. Let land drainage pipes be the solution to all of your problems and drain away those worried, unhappy thoughts.

The Quarter Quarterly Update

Welcome to our quarterly update from whats going on in the heart of the West Midlands, Birmingham – and more specifically the jewellery quarter.

The jewellery quarter Birmingham is home to the largest collection of jewellery stores in Europe, so this draws in a lot of visitors from all over the United Kingdom to see whats on offer.

jewellery quarter birmingham


You would be amazed by how much aside from jewellery this historic place has on offer. Including a host of fine food outlets, bars a museum and more. This helps to create a vibrant lifestyle and atmospheric feel both day and night.

In the jewellery quarter is a huge selection of fantastic pieces with anything from diamond engagement rings or some more individual gold jewellery pieces such as some 9ct gold hoop earrings or a new watch.

9ct gold hoop earrings


We found a fantastic selection of gold jewellery on offer at a particular shop in the jewellery quarter. Some specialised pieces also included a wide range of designer watches.

Well worth a visit if you are in the midlands any time soon!

Relax In Luxury

There’s not many things better in life then a relaxing day out at the spa, making best use of the facilities available there such as the steam rooms, saunas and jacuzzi. But these days out are few and far between, and rather expensive when you do go.

So why not bring a piece of luxury into your own home, and save yourself the money that would normally be spent going out to the spa but purchasing a hot tub.

hot tubs


There is a wide selection of hot tubs available, ranging across different sizes, capacities and  the number of jets to accommodate individual needs and budget. The great thing about a hot tub is that it can be used either inside or outside, and for those that don’t have the interior space or would like an outdoor tub – they come accompanied with a suitable cover to provide protection from falling leaves and other debris.

If you are looking to purchase a hot tub/jacuzzi and are based in the West Midlands area and are on the lookout for hot tubs Birmingham, there is an excellent selection of both UK and worldwide manufactured hot tubs available at unbeatable prices.

hot tubs birmingham

Featuring a host of relaxation and massaging jets you will be sure to be satisfied with your purchase by bringing this piece of heaven through your front door into your home.

Why Walk When You Can Limo

Limousines are extremely eye-catching and a fantastic way to travel round in style to where you need to go. Great for occasions such as weddings, school prom or birthday’s, nothing quite compares to the feeling of arriving in a stylish limousine like a celebrity.

But there’s a problem, finding a good limo hire company with reasonable rates while maintaing a quality level of service proves to be a little more difficult than you would first think.

limo hire


Your Limo Hire is an internet based rental service offering predominantly limo hire in London but there is also additional areas now included, with support for more coverage of the United Kingdom coming throughout this year.

They have provided limousine rental for thousands of happy customers around the country already since starting up, and boast savings of on average twenty five percent on what you’d pay a regular limo hire company, without sacrificing any quality.

If you are interested in limousine rental for a big occasion, its well worth checking out the Your Limo Website for further information to see what is on offer and how they can meet your individual requirements.

Change In Your Career

Bit different in today’s post from the usual, but today we are discussing a potential career path, or something that simply could be used for additional income as a part time job, this is escorting.

Escorting is perceived wrongly by a lot of people and is providing the service of companionship and company to someone. This can be to such things as a restaurant meal for a work occasion, or for a host of other events.

In a recent search in the local paper for independent escort Birmingham there was a few options available, but since being recategorised they don’t get the coverage they used to. This means the rise of the digital world is taking effect and people are looking online.

escort jobs

Escorting  pays well for those involved with rates being quite high per hour with more lucrative escorts, ranging anything from around one hundred pounds through past a thousand depending on the length of time and occasion etc.

Here are some more useful links for those of you looking for escort recruitment in the South East of the United Kingdom at a fantastic agency that caters for some of the leading escorts in the country:


Inside: The Jewellery Quarter Birmimgham

In today’s post we take a look at the largest collection of jewellery stores in Europe, located in Birmingham’s prestigious jewellery quarter.

The jewellery quarter Birmingham is in the heart of the city and plays host to some fantastic history and heritage dating back over 250 years. With a range of shops, restaurants, bars and even a museum which shows some of the history of jewellery manufacturing over the years.

jewellery quarter birmingham



The museum of the jewellery quarter lies in the remains of the Smith & pepper jewellery manufacturing firm, which closed its doors back in 1981. For the eighty years prior to this, the family run business produced some of the best jewellery pieces around. In it’s place today is a quite remarkable museum, which tells the story of the history of this iconic place.

There are plenty of jewellers who provide some of the finest pieces around including diamond and gold jewellery, and some amazing engagement rings. Being the epicentre for jewellery trade in the midlands and even drawing in customers from all around the country, be sure to check out this fantastic place if you are visiting Birmingham in the near future.

2014 – What Jewellery

It’s a new year and time for our January jewellery update on what we think will be the big inns and outs this coming year in this exciting trade.

Seeing as we are based in the West Midlands, the jewellery quarter in Birmingham is a fantastic place to start when looking for some unique styles and takes on a variety of jewellery pieces including rings, bracelets and chains.

wedding rings jewellery quarter


If you’re looking for wedding rings jewellery quarter, look no further! There are some fantastic pieces on offer to meet every requirement and make your special day one to really remember with a beautiful wedding band. Whether it be platinum, gold, palladium or more there’s a world of options in the jewellery quarter across a wide range of shops and manufacturers offering the finest pieces.

diamond rings jewellery quarter


Make sure that when you’re purchasing a product from a jeweller, that they are only using certificated diamonds in their rings or other jewellery, this provides quality and legal assurances on the stone and to make sure it is of the details the jeweller provides at the time of sale. You can also make comparisons between different stones to ensure best value for money.

diamond rings jewellery quarter


Alternatively, you may be on the lookout at diamond rings jewellery quarter. Again there are some absolutely beautiful rings on offer across the jewellers. I recently purchased a diamond ring for my girlfriend’s birthday and couldn’t have been more pleased with what I got for my money. I had done some shopping around online, but find it difficult to make a purchase without heading into the shop and actually seeing the rings in person.

Luckily, a lot of the shops in the jewellery quarter have a website where you can go online and view the majority of pieces that are on offer.

This rounds up our early January update on jewellery, we will definitely be back with more in the near future so stay tuned to the blog for future posts!


Piano Lessons

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, the piano is an instrument of elegance and all round beauty. With variations from the standard piano such as the grand piano and keyboard, there is something to meet the different tastes of piano players across the globe.

Never really thought of yourself as piano player? Neither did I until I did a local search for some piano lessons Birmingham and found a guy near to me who I decided to give a go and have a few lessons with.

In this new year why not try your hand at a new hobby and give the piano a go!

piano lessons birmingham

I literally have fallen in love with this beautiful instrument and have recently purchased one for my own home, so that I further my knowledge and ability in my own time as well as while at lessons.


Drainage Solutions

In this quick post we will be looking at some drainage pipe solutions for removal of wastage.

It is important to make sure you have professionally installed, suitable drainage solutions on any form of agricultural farmland that requires it.

land drainage pipe

Using land drainage pipe to move excess water fall or wastage around is important, and there are a huge variety of pipes available.

In a range of sizes and fittings, take a look here for more information about land drainage solutions and how they can help you.

The Ring

You have probably heard about the prestigious Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. It is the heartbeat of jewellery trade in the West Midlands and draws in visitors from all over the country due to its incredible heritage and history.

Boasting a wide range of shops, jewellers, restaurants, bars and a lot more including a museum, you’re never short of something to see or do in this fantastic area. If you are looking for wedding rings jewellery quarter it is well worth taking a look around what some of the shops have to offer.

There is also a museum at the heart of the Jewellery Quarter which gives an insight into the way jewellery was produced and sold some years ago, a real eye opening experience and shouldn’t be missed out on any visit.

A host of restaurants and bars provide a vibrant nightlife and a beautiful setting to relax and enjoy a drink or a bit to eat during the day.

wedding rings jewellery quarter

I recently visited on the hunt for diamond rings jewellery quarter and visited a selection of the jewellers across the quarter. There were some elegant rings on offer ranging from platinum to 18ct gold with something to meet the taste of everyone.

Well worth paying a visit this christmas to anyone in the area.



Knowing Your Rights

Knowing your basic law rights while at work is extremely important and there are plenty of them that you need to be aware of. The problem is that not enough people are aware of their statutory rights in the workplace and are exploited by some businesses because of this.

solicitor birmingham

These cover things such as working hours, breaks, holidays injuries at work and many many more, so there’s plenty to know. Educating yourself about these areas of the law is important so that you can take any appropriate action when needed.

I recently spoke with a solicitor Birmingham about an accident that occurred while I was at work a few months ago. A roof tile fell and left me injured and off work for a few weeks, and the injury also prevented me from doing things outside of work too.

They ran me through all the compensation actions I could take and what was available to me, while taking care of anything that came up along the way. A really brilliant service and very helpful through this hard time.

Musical Madness

Don’t you just love music. It’s all around us is so many forms played over the radio, television, at a restaurant. Everywhere you go there’s music, and it’s incredible. There are some amazing artists across so many different genre’s that relate to everyone in some way, and just shows the diversification in what humans like.

piano lessons birmingham

Personally I don’t go for the mainstream pop or r&b scene, and am a more conserved piano player myself. It started out when I saw an a local advert for piano lessons Birmingham and found a tutor local to me who offered lessons.

Never really considered myself as a piano player, or any instrument for that matter while I was at school but afterwards gained a real appreciation for this beautiful form of music. I would recommend to anyone really having a shot at learning to play the piano, it’s great fun!

limo hire

Your Limo Hire – The Best At What We Do

Today we are going to be talking about a company called Your Limo Hire.

They provide limo hire services around the United Kingdom in a variety of area’s at the best rates possible. With the goal of providing the public with the best price by comparing and price matching a range of other services in the area they do not compromise service for this cheaper cost.

Limousine rental can be expensive as we found out when looking for limo hire Birmingham for our daughter’s prom. After gathering quotes over the phone and online from a range of other companies, I came across Your Limo Hire, a relatively new service but I decided to see what it was like.

Their site was brilliant, easy to navigate and had a simple online booking form which was really helpful. The price was considerably cheaper than anyone else had quoted me too, which was brilliant. On the day the service from Your Limo Hire was brilliant, nothing less than we expected and they didn’t miss a detail.

Overall a brilliant experience and I would strongly recommend them to anyone.

Water Tanks: A How To Guide

Today’s informational guide will be based around water tanks, what they are, how to install and maintain them.

Let’s get things started then, firstly, what are water tanks?

A water tank is a container made for storing water, providing a means of storage for things such as drinking water, agricultural purposes such as irrigation and farming. Tanks can be made from a variety of materials such as plastics, concrete stone and steel.

Installing a water tank is relatively simple. If you have an existing tank in place, it is advisable to ensure the new tank is of the same dimensions so that it will simply fit into position and use the former connections.

Water Tanks

Ensure any existing water supply is cut off using the shut-off valve, then drain the old tank through a hose into an exterior ground drain or equivalent. Remove the old unit and replace with the new tank, lining up any existing pipes and connections.

Learn more about wastewater here

gold jewellery

Jewellery Shopping

After taking a look around for some christmas shopping ideas, jewellery is always a safe bet isn’t it really? So I took a trip out into London and had a root around online at some gold jewellery, in particular earrings or bracelets which I thought would make a great present for someone.

High street prices of jewellery UK just can’t compete with the online market as easily as they used to. For pieces such as engagement rings and other expensive items, that is where the shops maintain their business, because people can’t really commit 5k to purchasing a ring through the internet they have never seen before.

But for smaller items, there are huge online retailers out there who’s buying power allows them to almost monopolise the jewellery trade for things such as bracelets and chains, because the independent shops just can’t compete with their pricing structure.

In the end I did purchase a beautiful set of earrings from a small shop in London at a fantastic price, I feel its important to maintain the traditional values of jewellery shops around the UK and help out wherever possible.

designer swim shorts

Beat the Crowds for Summer 2014

With Christmas 2013 well into action now, and most of you thinking about what to get those closest to you as a present this year, why not take a moment to stop and think about next summer.

The cold weather and dark nights have truly set in, the snow is probably just around the corner and all I can think about is sitting on the sunny beach in the warm with a cold beer in hand.

After booking next summer’s holiday, I thought why not get ahead of the crowds when shopping for my summer purchases next year and see whether I could pick a few things up around now.

Although most shops are deep into their winter collections I found some amazing designer swim shorts from an independent brand called OKUN. Some fantastic African contemporary  designs and styles.


Environmental Agency Registration Guidelines – Sewage Treatment and Septic Tanks

Septic and sewage treatment plants are a big part of both domestic and agricultural waste these days. Commonly found in locations that have no connections to the main sewage pipe systems provided by the government or private businesses.

The requirement as to whether or not you have to register sewage treatment plants or septic tanks in the United Kingdom has changed.

Here are the guidelines from the environmental agency:

Whilst the government is planning a consultation on the regulation option, you don’t need to register providing your:

• discharge is to ground and is of 2 cubic metres per day or less via a septic tank and infiltration system (soakaway) and is outside a source protection zone 1. This is approximately equivalent to 9 people occupying a single property

• discharge is to surface water and is of 5 cubic metres per day or less via a package sewage treatment plant. This is approximately equivalent to 31 people occupying a single property

• sewage is only domestic (for the definition of domestic see the registration of small sewage discharges in England document in the downloads box)

• sewage system is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (if not, British Water codes of practice and technical guides) and you keep a record of all maintenance. In the case of septic tanks this includes regular emptying

• discharge does not cause pollution of surface water or groundwater

It is important to know whether or not your septic tanks or sewage treatment systems fall within these guidelines so you know if they need to be registered.


What Is a Certified Diamond

Diamond certification is the process of authenticating the attributes of a diamond. These include the measurements, carat weight, clarity and colour. Although there may be no physical difference between certified diamonds and non certified apart from a certificate, it does provide assurances over quality knowing that the diamond comes from a reputable and certified laboratory.

An example laboratory is GIA, so any diamond coming from them will be enclosed with a report detailing the aspects mentioned above. They are generally accepted as the leading institute when it comes to diamond grading, with a strong majority of diamonds sold being certified by them.

When buying a diamond that comes with a certification, you can directly compare the attributes of the diamond to similar options and see where brings you the best value for money. Whereas with a non certified diamond, you are only working on the word of the jeweller selling it, and these views may differ between jewellers.


Beat the Competition With Local SEO

Do you offer a product or service where most, if not all of your customers are local based? There businesses out there who thrive off these local markets and making sure you are at the forefront of this in the online world is crucial.

People use search engines everyday for everything these days. It’s so simple and accessible anywhere, from your desktop computer down to your mobile phone, you can simply bring up a search engine such as Google and be on your way to finding out what you need within seconds.

The keywords for these localised search terms include an area in the search, so the user can find products or services near them, for example ‘SEO Tamworth‘ would point towards companies based in that area offering SEO services.

These search terms will have a lower monthly search number than national or global keywords, which makes the cost of SEO cheaper and results can be usually seen a bit faster, as there is less competition for places in the search results pages.

A lot of the competition wont be doing local SEO, so it’s a great opportunity to get ahead in the game and ensure conversion of people searching for your niche. Check out SEO Solihull for a some great results if you are a local business based in Solihull.



Getting Where You Need In Style

When it comes to a big event, why not travel and arrive in style with a limousine?

If there’s a party of you it can be great when you roll up in a limo with a professional chauffeur. There are plenty of limo hire options available out there but in today’s post we will be talking about a relatively new service called Your Limo Hire. They provide a wide range of limousines to meet the requirements of any occasion, no matter how crazy or how many people you need to cater for, they can cater for you.

Having started out with just limo hire Birmingham, they have since expanded services out into Essex and London. Finding the right limousine can be an expensive task and there are a lot of companies out there who’s pricing is well over the odds, and you might be put off by these people.

Your Limo Hire brings to you the lowest prices while maintaining the same quality and trust you can expect from a leading limousine provider in the United Kingdom. Really emerging fast you can see why this company has already expanded into more areas, and there are plans for more to be added in the near future.



Learning to Play the Piano

Learning to play a musical instrument is a fantastic art and skill to have. Music is all around our cultures everyday and there are so many different genres to meet peoples vast variation of listening. One of the main instruments people decide to take up is learning to play the piano. It’s something you can really gain a strong appreciation for after playing, and I think if you haven’t considered giving it a go you really should.

A few years back I search around for piano lessons Birmingham to find tuition local to me and came across an instructor who was in my area coincidently. Having never played a piano or keyboard before, I started out just having a one hour lesson per week and really started to pick things up quickly. After upping my lessons to twice a week, I saved up and bought myself a piano so that I could play whenever I wanted.

I have now been playing for just over three years and have recently done some paid work at a high-end restaurant, playing a weekly set on a saturday night. The piano really is an instrument that allows you to express yourself and make some quite beautiful music. For more information about learning the piano see here.